The Blackman in America

Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught us a thorough knowledge of God in person. He appeared in the person of Master W.F. Muhammad, the great Mahdi of the Muslim world that the world has been expecting to come for the last two thousand years. He has come and He is going about His work as predicted He would do. We the Black Nation are under the divine guidance and guardianship of our God, the Great Mahdi. He is the restorer of peace, the defender of the Black Nation. He will restore us, Allah is here and He will defend us. There is nothing that the white race can think of that is not already known by the God of the black Nation; therefore, the showdown will be victorious on the side of the God, who knows what we think and plan. Allah has power over us and over the very atoms of the atmosphere; think over that, Elijah, pg. 104-5, Our Savior Has Arrived. Allah has power over the very air we breathe. The attacker would have no power whatsoever to defend himself against such a wise and powerful God, the Great Mahdi. Allah exercises power over everything of creation that carries or brings forth power, Elijah, pg. 104-5, Our Savior Has Arrived.  According to our level of understanding, this suggests the God of the Black Nation is the wisest of them all and the attacker would be foolish to think you can win in a fight against Allah and the Original Black Nation. It is inconceivable because we know how you think because we made you. Moreover, according to the Bible all who is in the knowledge of Christ, the Crusher, the Great Mahdi is a new creature [Bible, 2 Cor. 5: 17], if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold, I make all things are become new.  Although, we know, in-order to advance some of the original works will change to meet the changing needs of the people. We must keep ourselves abreast with the progress of modern times. And forever be alert to such changes to make progress in a changing world, but do not change your identity; your name is what keeps your identity known.  The Blackman in America is one Nation and given the name Islam. Supreme Minister JuwanMuhammad@2012


Minor Prophet from Allah

According to our level of knowledge, this further suggests those blind dumb double-dealers who disregard the true teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad have lift themselves up to gain membership and they have no regard for Allah’s Minor Prophet. Many of these blind dumb phonies say Supreme Minister John Muhammad is not a Minor Prophet from Allah. Theoretically, if He is not Allah’s Minor Prophet then who is? Tell us who did Allah teach to continue guiding us into all truth, after the Messenger passed away? Was it you? Did anyone of us walk or talk with Allah, in Person? Did anyone among us ever see Allah, if so what did He [Allah] tell you concerning the truth of the Blackman’s past, present, and future condition here in America? Did He tell you what we should be doing to unite ourselves together? Understand, we were all taught by Messenger Elijah Muhammad (pbuh), the One whom Allah raised from among us to teach us. And after our painstaking research we know and believe Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s wisdom was divinely given to him by (God) Allah, in person. Unconsciously, all of our lives, we were looking for a Man like this, intuitively; we were looking for the Man of the Bible’s prophecy “Behold, I send you Elijah”.    Nevertheless, in the end, though our knowledge is Supreme, it does not make us a Prophet. Nor will it make us a Messenger. Do not misconstrue what we are saying. We know we are the god of the planet earth; we know we are the makers of all we see on and off of our planet earth. Supreme Minister JuwanMuhammad@2012