Islam Is Transforming

The Messenger taught us and Supreme Minister John Muhammad continued to teach us, it is our nature to be called by the names of our God and by the names of our forefathers. It is against your very nature to be in the slave masters name. Elijah, pg.104-5, Our Savior Has Arrived. According to our level of understanding, this suggests further that Islam is causing us to grow into a new growth. Spiritually Islam by degrees is bringing us into the divine knowledge of ourselves and others. Physically, Islam is transforming our outward appearance through the divine knowledge of how we were taught to eat to live. We have been lost from our divine people for nearly 500 years to this day in North America, which was once a wilderness. We were raised by the enemy of Allah and the righteous to be in his image and likeness, evil is the nature and likeness of the devil and many have taken on his unrighteous way of life. At this point of our writing, we would ask you to please be patient, while teaching Islam it is not always easy to know where to begin. If you are familiar with the divine work of Messenger Elijah Muhammad and Supreme Minister John Muhammad (pbuh), you may remember reading where the Messenger asked us: When was that Beginning?  So, we start at the beginning. We can start with the creation of all we see to begin to understand, who we are and how we were created. This may take a while so we ask you to please be patient with us. Let us begin with “the physical creation of man and all we see of his divine creation. It gives us the knowledge of the Great Designer and of all we see of his physical creation. The Great Architect is Allah”. 104-5, Our Savior Has Arrived. Supreme Minister JuwanMuhammad@2012


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